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Regulations of the Ballet Teachers’ Workshop Scholarships

These rules are currently being updated to reflect the changes in Section D Repetoire & pointe requirements alongside Covid policies, these will be made available by 15 April. 

 Updated as of 22 March 2019 

     Please Note :  No late entries will be accepted under any circumstances.

By entering into this event you agree to be abide by the
Ballet Teachers’ Workshop Vic Inc. Rules & Regulations and agree to be bound by them.

General Rules and Conditions

1. All participants perform completely at their own risk.

2. The Ballet Teachers’ Workshop Victoria Inc (BTW) and/or its Committee Members (Committee) are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by a participant as a result of any scholarship event being cancelled, postponed or changed.

3. The scholarships are only for students of amateur status. Students cannot derive any regular income from the art form.

4. Participants must appear in the order of which their name appears in the class/program.

5. Any person/s whose conduct is disrespectful, offensive or in breach of these rules may be asked to leave and may be banned from viewing or participating in future events. If they are a participant they could face disqualification.

6. A breach of any rules or conditions may result in either disqualification of the participant or, at the Committee’s discretion, the student might be asked to dance as a non competing performer.

7. The Committee will not be responsible for any lost property, including uncollected cds.

8. Semi finals will be conducted as required at the discretion of the Committee.

9. Only students of teachers who have paid the annual teachers’ registration fee are eligible to enter the scholarships. It is incumbent on the teachers to ensure they enter students into the correct section. Any entries that are incomplete, incorrect or not accompanied by full payment of the required & accurate fee will not be processed.

10. Full-time students are eligible to enter providing they enter under the name of their full-time school.

11. Students who have previously won a section are entitled to re-enter the same section.

12. Students participating in a section are not allowed to view an audition class in their section unless they have already completed their audition.

13. Parents and teachers viewing any class must not disclose the content of the class to participates who are yet to complete their audition.

14. Note taking, photography or filming during the auditions or finals is strictly prohibited.

Video Entries Rules & Conditions

The BTW reserves the right to exclude any applicants whose video does not comply with these Rules & Conditions. 

1. All filming is recommended to be done via smart phone only

2. All videos should be provided as a file (mp4, avi etc).  The file should be saved as the participants name. The participants name and school should not appear on the actual film footage as the adjudicator/s will evaluate the candidates anonymously. (The BTW committee has no input into the selection process). The video file will need to be emailed to the Ballet Teachers Workshop –

3. The applicants must perform a variation from the list of Variations published on the BTW website. These variations can be any version from any reputable ballet company. Variations are to be performed  in audition attire, please refer to Audition Attire Rules & Conditions for further information. (For avoidance of doubt, no half/full tutus or practice skirts to be worn).

4. The use of a tripod is strongly recommended to ensure a stable image

5.The camera should be positioned at an angle “en face” that shows the entirety of the applicant at all times (no zooming in or out or filming via use of mirrors). 

6. The filming is to be one continuous feed with no editing or cuts

7. The sound must not be recorded separately and edited into the video.

8. All Mabel Pryde variations must be performed en pointe (for video selection and finals).

9. The video must be taken recently and not more than 3 months prior to submission.

Performance – Finals

1.  All finalists are selected from audition class or semi finals held during the audition process.

2. No pointe work is allowed for the finals of sections A, B, C & F.

3. Pointe work is optional for female finalists in section D (none will be seen in the semi final).

4.  Short classical tutus must be worn for all girls in sections A, B, C & D.

5. Variations must be performed in sections E & F (from the list provided on the BTW Website) and are not allowed for sections A, B, C & D.

6.  Finalists in section E (Mabel Pryde Memorial Scholarship) must perform on pointe.

7.  All finalists in section E (Mabel Pryde Memorial Scholarship) and section F (the Paul Hammond Foundation Award) must wear a traditional and authentic costume appropriate for the relevant variation performed.

8.  Competitors arriving late will be allowed to preform at the end of the section as a non-competing performer.

9. Only finalists and/or Committee members are allowed backstage at any time (parents and guardians of section A & B finalists excepted).

10. No rehearsals allowed at any time backstage. Students will be supervised by the Committee whilst warming up on stage for each section.

Paul Hammond & Mabel Pryde Finalists

1. Paul Hammond & Mabel Pryde finalists are required to attend a class on stage on the day of the finals. This class will be viewed by the adjudicators and will be taken into consideration as part of  the scholarship winner selection process.

2. There is no requirement that Paul Hammond & Mabel Pryde finalists perform the same variation that was on their video. However must perform a Variation from the BTW List.

Audition Attire

1. Female – plain coloured leotard (no skirts), tights & ballet shoes (no accessories).

2.  Male – tights (or shorts for Sections A – B), a tight fitting top with socks and ballet shoes (no accessories).


1.  Age will be taken as at 30 June each year.

2.  Participants may only enter in their own age group.

3.  The Committee reserves the right to ask for a Birth Certificate of any participant in any section.


1. In sections A – D no solo may exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds in length. Any music longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds will be faded after that period of time.

2.  All items will be timed from the commencement of the performance or music (whichever comes first). Commencement of performance is the commencement of the first step (other than a straight forward walk and placement to starting position).

3. Variations are exempt from these time restrictions, but must adhere to correct music interpretations.

4.  Each labeled cd (in a case) is to contain one item of music only.